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Top tips for cycling in the rain

When living in a country like Ireland it’s inevitable that rain is on the way! Remember the following tips for cycling in the rain to ensure a safe ride.
Bike Tyres:

It is a good idea to invest in a winter set of tyres such as gator skin tyres. These tyres have a thicker sidewall making it harder to puncture. It is also a good idea to use slightly wider tyres to offer more grip.

Road surface:

The road surfaces will be slippery and more dangerous after rain. Avoids metal surfaces such as manholes covers, cat-eyes, wet leaves and painted traffic markings.

Bike Brakes:

Bike brakes are much less effective when wet. Take it slower than normal and give yourself lots more time to stop.

Avoid potholes and puddles:

Even little puddles can hide nasty things like potholes, nails, or glass, which can cause a flat tire or a crash.

Stay warm:

Invest in waterproof clothing to keep you as dry as possible. Wear good gloves and overshoes as well as a waterproof jacket. Neon and bright high visibility colours are especially important in dark wet days.

Light up like a Christmas tree:

Drivers may have problems seeing through wet or steamy windscreens when it’s raining. Put plenty of bright LED lights and reflectors on the front, rear, and sides of your bike