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Spring Bike Maintenance

If your bike has been in the shed for the winter or has been out for a few winter spins, it’s time to give your bike a spring clean.

  • Cleaning Your Bike
    A lot of dirt is collected on a bike after the winter. Give your bike a wash down and dry. Remove the wheels and get into all the hard to reach places. After every cycle your bike should be washed to avoid rusting.
  • Clean your brake pads
    Small pieces of metal can become embedded in them, which cause a grating noise and impairs the braking performance of your bike.
  • Lubricate your chain
    Just a few drops is all that is needed. If you can see the oil after a couple of revolutions you have too much on. A silver chain should look silver.
  • Tyre Pressure.
    Pump your tyres before every ride to a minimum of 100psi and a maximum of 120psi. If you are unsure of the tyre pressure it is written on the sidewall of every tyre. Check the condition of tyres for wear and tear. It is important to replace worn tyres to ensure safe riding. Keep everything pointing inwards. The front skewer should always point towards the bottom bracket.
  • Saddlebag
    A saddle bag is a small bag which attaches under your saddle. This bag should contain a repair kit, spare tube, emergency foil blanket and emergency money.
  • Light
    The evenings are beginning to get longer. However, it is a good idea to place a light in the front and at the back of your bike. Wear clothing that maximises your visibility to drivers on the road.