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No Registration, No Cycle!

To take part in the Ring of Beara Cycle you will have registered with us beforehand and paid the entry fee. This helps us to put on a safe and well-organised event, and do things like close roads, deploy marshals who point you in the right direction, and include food stops where you can refuel. Plus loads more other good stuff that makes it fun.

So that we can keep it this way, we need to make sure everyone who takes part in the Ring of Beara Cycle is officially registered.

When you pick up your cycle pack at registration, included in the pack is a wristband, helmet sticker and bike sticker. You will need to have these on display and visible to our marshals in to take part in the cycle and access the food stations.

Anyone who is found without these stickers and wristbands on display will not be able to enter the food stations. In addition, there will be mandatory checks along the route to ensure you have your stickers and wristbands and that they are visible. Anyone found not displaying these will be turned around by Gardai and not permitted to continue the cycle.

We need everyone to comply with this to ensure that the Ring of Beara Cycle continues to be a successful event that is safe and enjoyable for everyone. Thank you for your co-operation!

A reminder of registration details:

Friday 27th May: 5pm to 9pm
Saturday 28th May: 6.30am to 8am
Both at Kenmare Butter Market, V93 HT65

We look forward to seeing you on 28th May!