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Is your bike ready for the Ring of Beara 2019?

With just over a fortnight to go to the Ring of Beara Cycle Kenmare, it’s time to get you bike ready for the big day.

Cleaning and lube bike
A lot of dirt is collected on a bike after cycle on the Irish’s roads. It’s a good idea to get into the habit of giving your bike a wash down and dry after a winter spin. If you don’t have the time to wash the whole bike at the very least you should wash, dry and lube the chain and cassette. This will prevent rushing on chain and give it a longer life span.

Maintenance check
Take time to check your brakes, cassette & tyres for wear and tear. If you are unsure on how to service your bike, bring it to a local bike shop for a service. It usually costs about €35 for a service but this is well worth spending the money on it.

Proper bike fit
If you have never got a proper bike fit before its time to treat yourself and your bike to one. A trained bike fitter will adjust saddle height, handlebar height and other minor adjustment to your bike. Having a bike set up to fit your body allows you cycle more efficient and help avoid soreness after a cycle.

Saddle bag
A saddle bag is a small bag which attaches under your saddle. Invest in a saddle bag and fill with a repair kit, spare tube, emergency foil blanket and emergency money this may avoid along walk home if you get a puncture.

Go for a spin
Once you have your bike all washed and serviced, enjoy a spin along the rugged coastline of the Beara Peninsula.